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Solutions to fight Covid19

How can we help you? Developing solutions based on your needs, with professional assistance.
Take preventive action against coronavirus (COVID-19)

Body temperature measurement (Thermographic cameras / Portable or Thermographic systems / Automated)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Detection of potential COVID-19 symptoms (fever*) while keeping a safe distance
  • Prevent possible infection by rapidly detecting individuals with symptoms
  • Fast temperature measurement
  • Solutions for measuring temperature with maximum precision under any circumstance
  • Easy-to-use, robust and reliable equipment
  • FDA-endorsed technology

Air disinfection – Filtration of particles in the air

Advantages & Benefits

  • Safeguard the health of employees and customers
  • Keep the work environment free from COVID-19 particles
  • Exchange and filtering of suspended particles, including COVID-19 particles, up to five times per hour in areas of 100m2
  • Easy-to-use, robust and reliable equipment
  • Removes viruses, bacteria and fungi present in the air
  • Long-lasting HEPA and activated carbon filters
  • Easy to maintain
  • Monitor room status from your mobile
  • Large capacity system for large spaces

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Download our “Solutions to fight COVID19” and get more tips, know the measurement protocol created by expert thermographers
during the 2003 SARS crisis or FAQs or get in touch!

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