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Intelligent Vision

Our Machine Learning technology applied to intelligent cameras allows us to automate industrial processes in manufacturing, recycling, logistics, quality and others. Infrared, thermographic, 3D, thermal, laser and other cameras are designed to work with our IIoT artificial vision platform for the control and automation of production processes.  

This automation allows the improvement of production and quality, which has a direct impact on efficiency and profitability, but also on the safety of resources and people, as well as on the quality of products.

These artificial vision cloud solutions are applicable to any sector and are currently present in sectors such as Energy, Automotive, Food&Beverage, Security, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and others.


• Quality control in welding processes.
• Quality control of glass packaging.
• SO2 detection at Sulphuric Acid manufacturers.
• Gas Leak Detection Automation.
• Automation of food product drying systems.
• Dynamic product weighing.
• Control and automation of palletisation.
• Traceability of products in logistics.
• Detection of fires and gas leaks and excessive temperatures in assets.
• Vehicle control on roads or in confined spaces.
• Number plate control in car parks and toll gates.
• Optical separation of glass, plastics and others.


Automated inspection system for automotive industry

Automated inspection system (inspection tunnel) based on sophisticated algorithms and image acquisition with high resolution cameras and thermography. Each camera visualises a part of the bodywork, with sufficient safety margins so that no defect is missed on the bodywork and/or controls temperatures of certain components.

Quality control of vial and blister packs in pharmacies

In a primary phase, different quality controls are described depending on the state of the product:
The process of filling vials and/or syringes in liquids, the vision system controls the presence of foreign bodies, product level and correct capping. In the manufacturing processes of blister packs of tablets and capsules, the system also verifies size, shape, colour and position of the product according to the inspected item.

Intelligent traffic systems

We design systems to improve indoor and outdoor traffic flow, helping to maximise the performance of roads, as well as the management of incidents such as accidents, breakdowns, pedestrians and other incidents.

This same technology can be re-designed for the intelligent management of car parks, allowing them to be used in an optimal way and satisfying the needs and times of the end customer and the car park manager.

Classification of packaged product according to codes

In a secondary phase, once the product has been packaged, vision systems are integrated to read the codes on the box and the package leaflet for correct coding.

Quality control in oils

NIR technology allows the detection of adulteration in raw materials and the measurement of quality parameters:
– Identification of different oil varieties and their origin.
– Detection and quantification of adulteration in raw materials.
– Measurement of key quality parameters such as acidity.
– Monitoring oil quality during frying processes.