Alava International is an American affiliate of Grupo Álava, an enterprise with over 45 years of experience in the European market. In 2014, Alava International launched an office in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to deploy our expertise to the US market.

We have a deep understanding of the latest applications in the main industrial sectors and an extensive technology portfolio to benefits our clients.

We are a remarkably experienced Company, utilizing diagnostic services and integrating technologies to provide a comprehensive single-source solution.

 Since the beginning, Alava International has been an innovative, constantly growing company because of its steadfast commitment to diversify its portfolio and create an unique business model.

Álava Ingenieros MRA Preditec Trazadia ThingsO2

A company that specialises in the distribution of high-tech products and systems. It works in the following business areas: sensors, data-acquisition and calibration, testing, security, communications, photonics and imaging, nanotechnology, and environmental, marine and terrestrial technologies. We provide value-added services such as technical advice, integration, configuration, commissioning, training, support and post-sales service.

Headquartered in Portugal, it distributes technologically advanced products and systems. MRA works in the same business areas and offers the same services as Grupo Álava in Portugal.

A engineering company that is specialised in instrumentation for the protection, supervision and predictive diagnostics of industrial plant. Pioneers in Cloud Monitoring using the Preconcerto platform and technologies to facilitate remote predictive diagnostics.

A company that joined Grupo Álava in 2014 to strengthen our presence in civil engineering and infrastructure, it carries out geotechnical and infrastructure surveying (tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, etc.) and structural analysis, by means of all kinds of tests and trials and quality control of hydraulic infrastructure.

ThingsO2 is the IIoT solution that provides a full monitoring of your assets, delivering applications that allow an integral understanding of your machinery and your business.

Innovative technologies and capabilities for infrastructures and key industrial sectors

for key industrial sectors

Construction Services

We define, design, and set up necessary control systems in any infrastructure during the design, execution, and operation phases, from supply, installation, survey, collection and interpretation of results to monitoring.

Diagnostic Services

We create analysis and diagnostics of critical assets and generate statements detailing the values of all measured quantities, the results of our calculations, reports pointing out actions indicated to operate assets optimally, and predictive maintenance plans based on risk management.

Integration and innovative solutions

We provide custom systems and subsystems, and turnkey solutions that involve hardware connection from different providers and software to address specific client needs. We do this by integrating different systems and subsystems or by developing highly competitive individualized solutions that focus on a niche of specific market needs.  We are a flexible organization, with significant human talent and expertise with a key focus on tailored customer service.   By combining our knowledge with the use of leading-edge technologies, we tailor our clients with unique and innovative solutions adapted to their needs. 

Alava International in figures


Control of over 600 miles of high-speed and conventional railways


Monitoring of over 900 miles of freeways and roads 


Structural control of over 90 miles of subway lines 


Structural control of over 30 monuments and historical buildings


Technical and structural monitoring of 20 dams


Over 700 load tests on bridges and roads


Structural control and monitoring of the dynamic pressure of wave movements at 4 ports


Over 300 predictive maintenance plans established


Over 150 monitoring systems running non-stop


Over 70 annual maintenance contracts


Over 99.9% reliability in diagnostics


Training of over 5,000 technicians on predictive maintenance and industrial reliability techniques and technologies