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Industrial Assets Performance

We create analysis and diagnostics of critical assets and generate statements detailing the values of all measured quantities, the results of our calculations, reports pointing out actions indicated to operate assets optimally, and predictive maintenance plans based on risk management.

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• Predictive maintenance projects for all your production assets
• Advanced predictive analytics service performed by predictive engineers.
• 24/7 monitoring service to detect asset anomalies.
• We use vibration, electrical, oil and other sensors, together with IIoT platform.
• Applicable to all types of sectors such as Energy, Infrastructure, Food&Beverage, wind farms, manufacturing, aerospace, naval, transport and others.

IIOT Platform – AI Analytics

• Create your asset’s digital twin and access asset maintenance from anywhere.
• Manage connectivity and your Edge devices deployed in the field.
• Deploy Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. You can implement trained models based on artificial intelligence to improve your business intelligence.
• Manage alerts and notifications to operators.
• Fuse and process data to generate new variables and run complete models.
• Trigger automated actions, such as stopping engines, opening/closing valves, updating firmware/software…
• Save all current and historical data, evaluate them over time to make performance, failure and other reports.
• Assist in the energy management of assets, reducing energy consumption and reporting the asset status.

AR/VR Projects

Training with virtual reality.
We use virtual reality to train professionals in industrial environments through immersive experiences

Remote technical assistance with augmented reality.
We connect field technicians with experts in real time at any time and from anywhere.

Guided processes with augmented reality.
We digitise technical knowledge in a simple way. Your processes will be guided in real time by means of augmented reality: videos, 3D animations and real-time data.

Predictive Maintenance

Power plant

Control of pumps and turbines of solar power plants to manage their operation, predictive maintenance and integration with its control platform.

Power transformers

Monitoring with alert systems before deviations or failures in power transformers in electrical assets.

Wind farms

Improve the availability and reliability of wind turbines in a wind farm, in order to reduce maintenance costs and windmill downtime.
This is achieved by unifying the data from the sensors placed on the turbines together with a digital twin of the wind farm and the development of AI algorithms to predict the performance of the turbine.

Port Cranes

Monitoring of motors, gears, power supplies of harbour cranes for the prediction of failures and the scheduling of preventive maintenance in periods with the least impact on the opportunity cost of the installations.

Desalination plant

Control of different assets (pumps, fans, motors, power generators, … ) with predictive system for diagnosing breakdowns and shutdowns.