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Our contribution to the HRBT Expansion Project

The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project is the largest highway construction project in Virginia’s history. This transformative undertaking, scheduled for completion in November 2025, will widen the current four-lane segments along nearly ten miles of the I-64 corridor in Norfolk and Hampton, with new twin tunnels across the harbor.

The expansion will increase capacity, ease major congestion, and enhance travel time reliability. Including the construction contract and owner’s costs, the project’s total budget is over $3.8 billion, making it one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. 

The entire project is being carried out by the joint venture between VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Dragados, Flatiron and Dodin Campenon Bernard, all known as Hampton Roads Connector Partners (HRCP).

Alava International has been brought on board to The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project as the Instrumentation and Monitoring Engineering. Alava International is then responsible of supervising the whole project from the instrumentation perspective, participating not only in the design of the instrumentation plan but also in the development of the monitoring action plan, carrying out all the related data analysis and activities to ensure that all expected impacts derived from construction activities are minimized.

Alava International is therefore acting as the nexus between two engineering fields, standing out due to its expertise & know-how. In addition to its civil engineering wide knowledge, it also contributes its industrial engineering expertise with the highest technology. Its worldwide experience in instrumentation and monitoring, among other engineering services, make Alava International a perfect partner for projects of the sort.