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Digital Twin of Malaga’s train station – spain

The starting point of a digital twin

Málaga’s train station, better known as María Zambrano Station, is an intermodal transport hub, maintaining bus and metro connections. It has extensive medium and long distance services.

Digitizing the entire station with all its control points has allowed us to optimize the use and maintenance carried out at the station.

Here you can see the station in a point cloud, the starting point of a it´s digital twin.

The final objective of this?

Satisfaction and user experience: More information will allow better customization. And with more personalization comes better satistaction index. Increase in digital procedures, virtual visits…

Environmental impact improvement: Sustainable design with real data of energy consumption, water management or waste. It relays on efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

​Achieving all this is only possible through the application of technological solutions (starting with sensors and lidar systems) integrated into an iot platform. A single space to monitor and manage all the data.