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Alava International: A new horizon

With the aim of transmitting our commitment to growth, innovation and high technology as fundamental pillars for the future development of the company, Alava Group changes its name to Alava International.

The new name reflects our efforts to move further into the US Markets, creating a unique experience with local customers and offering a closer customer service with a new and renovated image.

Alava International is an American affiliate of Grupo Álava, an enterprise with over 45 years of experience in the European market. We have a deep understanding of the latest applications in the main industrial sectors and an extensive technology portfolio to benefits our clients.  We define, design, and set up necessary control systems in any infrastructure during the design, execution and operation phases, from supply, installation, survey, collection and interpretation of results to monitoring.

The change of our name is not coming alone, we have updated our website, would do you like visit it?