For technological centers and universities, we have an extensive portfolio of measurement, metrology, and testing solutions. We tailor innovative solutions for all types of tests or to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Our specialization lets us define the needs of new laboratories in terms of technology, from technical assessment and project management to implementation. We blend different technologies to provide a comprehensive integrated solution, understanding the environmental conditions of each laboratory and designing the interfaces between each technology so that they operate as a single system, providing a complete turnkey project. 

Our main areas of specialization are:

  • Metrology laboratories

We have a wealth of international experience supplying metrology laboratoriesin both National Metrology Laboratories and accredited laboratories
The focus of our experience includes the following areas:

– Temperature
– Electricity
– Humidity
– Pressure
– Mass
– Size
– Volume

  • Environmental testing laboratories

Individual or combined facilities, including regulations research, technology selectionlaboratory design and construction, and consulting on the layout of testing and supply systems to optimize space and samples logistics. 

We cover all environmental parameters, notably:

    • Vibration: Simulation, measurement and analysis equipment for R&D monitoring and quality analysis 
    • Climate: Environmental cameras to verify the quality and performance of current designs in R&D and production, as well as to certify regulation and current market standards compliance 
    • Transport
    • Altitude/vacuum
    • Pollutants and/or corrosive substances 
    • Fire resistance:  Regulation-compliant systems ascertain the behavior of materials and equipment in the event of a fire
  • EMC testing laboratories

Complete certification and pre-certification solutions: from LISN to large, full vehicle semi-anechoic chambers. EMI receptors, impulse generators, RF immunity systems, GTEM, etc.

  • Antenna Measurement Laboratories

Antenna measurement systems (AMS), radar cross-section (RCS) and over-the-air (OTA) testing, from positioners to combined range facilities. High power amplifiers (HPAs) and special simulators to evaluate onboard components 

  • Power Electronics test benches and laboratories 

Specialized in customized power electronics solutions like Power Electronics converters, DSP-based digital control, industrial communications and process automation. Our focus also includes the design and development of test benches for motors and generators, we are capable of providing ad hoc solutions to the client.

Success Story:  Pracams

Pracams proyect
– Supply and start-up of technological equipment in 20 national laboratories.
– Year: 2013. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.


Success Story:  INTA

INTA – Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
– Complete laboratory for altitude tests, rapid decompression, dual vibration, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, thermal shock, salted fog, rain, and liquid pollutants.
– Year: 2017. Madrid, Spain.