Ensuring correct air renewal is essential to ensure that the concentration of pathogenic nanoparticles remains below safe limits for human health.

Not all equipment is capable of capturing particle sizes so small that they guarantee the elimination of viruses, fungi or bacteria.

Building on the technology and FDA regulations used in clean rooms, FILTR, introduces the first HEPA-powered equipment capable of providing 99.95% removal efficiency of all particulates, such as mold spores, smoke particles and / or viruses.

With a filtration of up to 0.01 micron, you can be sure of all affected people protected from harmful pollutants in the air.

In addition, the new FILTR Revolution equipment has an integrated particle detector (PM2.5) that detects and records the increase in counts, as well as a sensor package that also includes temperature, humidity and VOC data for complete monitoring of the room.

Most Air Purifiers donĀ“t filter nanoparticles smaller than 0.3um.


  • Cleanroom Grade HEPA filter
  • Filters down to 0.01um
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Up to 700 cfm
  • Provides 5 air changes per hour in a room up to 1,000 ft2