Technical Monitoring

Alava International’s strengths comprise monitoring and supply, installation, reading, data management with web interface, and diagnosis and analysis of all data from devices or systems embedded in infrastructure. 

Technical monitoring, geometric control and survey of all significant parameters associated with all stages of infrastructure and transport projects. 


Structural and Building Monitoring

At Alava International, we provide the latest structural monitoring technologies for both bridges and buildings. 

  • Pressure monitoring with fiber optics (FBG) 
  • Wireless monitoring 
  • Geometric structure control 
  • Vibration monitoring – Operational Modal Analysis 
  • Static and dynamic load testing 
  • Topographic control during construction 
  • Integrity of load-bearing elements using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) – Concrete scanning 


Tunnels and Embankments

Variations in stability within environments associated with these projects require thorough monitoring of affected stability parameters. 

Alava International performs all services related to design, definition, supply and installation and monitoring and interpretation of results, in order to provide security to our clients in the infrastructure construction and operation phases.

We tailor the following services: 

  • Design and implementation of the monitoring plan 
  • Definition of both the unstable parameters and control methodology 
  • Supply and installation of devices 
  • On-site equipment readings 
  • Real-time control 
  • Web platform with GIS base to allow control by the client 
  • Definition of performance protocols 
  • Recommendations of procedures to follow when thresholds are exceeded 



As critical infrastructures, dams require a highly detailed monitoring plan using the latest technologies. 

Alava International can design the monitoring plan, perform the installation, data tracking and control, as well as the dam automation through PLCs and SCADA. 

  • Foundation and ground settlements control 
  • Structural monitoring of the central part of the dam 
  • Seismic monitoring in accordance with regulations 
  • Reservoir levels 
  • Dam deformation 
  • Crowning topography 



Alava International has a wealth of experience in the dynamic and static monitoring of caissons breakwaters for both extreme and seasonal climate elements. 

Monitoring of tidal waves action on the dikes can show the current state of the caissons and correct the mathematical models, allowing optimization of future construction projects. 


Success Story:  Building control

Ivima Imidra
– Evaluation of the buildings state through a technical structural evaluation.
– Years: 2015-2017. Spain.

Success Story:  State Ports, Spain

State Ports, Spain
– Control of caisson lifting or subsidence due to a mismatch in the bed with pressure sensors and accelerometers.
– Years: 2004-2019. Malaga/Las Palmas/Gijón/Barcelona, Spain.

Success Story:  El Prat

Barcelona Airport
– Monitoring of earth movements due to the access to the new airport terminal.
– Years: 2016-2019. Barcelona, Spain.

Success Story:  North Tarrant Express 3A South and North

Texas Department of Transportation through Bridges & Roads LL 
– Topography services, quality control, infraestructure management and Geographical Information Systems during all the engineering and construction proccess.
– Years: 2014-2017. Fort Worth, Texas, United States.