Surveying Services in civil projects 

We perform the following services during the whole project: 

    • Initial inspection, densification and expansion of the project’s control points network 
    • Initial layout and surveying of the project boundaries and existing elements 
    • Earthwork layout, calculation and monitoring 
    • Precision leveling of stakeout bases network 
    • Construction layout and stakeout 
    • 3D machine control system with Topcon 
    • Calculation of monthly production volumes 
    • Technical Office 
  • Generation of documents and as-built plans. Creation of plans to complete the work  

High-precision control in structures

Calculation, drawing, survey and stakeout for execution control of civil structures requiring highly precise measurements: 

    • Precise depiction of all structural elements of all phases of work to be performed (piles, foundations, footings, columns, supports, neoprene, beams, panels, transition slabs, etc.)  
    • Work layout information setup 
    • Setting out structural elements with a robotic precision station 
    • 3D on-site precision surveying  
    • Review of slopes of finished concrete decks 
    • Calculation of pre-fabricated beams deflection 
    • Creation of as-built documents and plans 
  • As-built 3D model (BIM) of the structure


Laser scanning / mobile mapping 

We create a point cloud using static or mobile LiDAR (laser scanning) technology. Once properly processed, we extract a real 3D model from the point cloud. 

Alava International uses the latest technology for the following applications, among others: 

    • Creation of digital models 
    • Basic or detailed 3D modeling (BIM) of civil structures 
    • Basic or detailed 3D modeling (BIM) of historical heritage sites and buildings 
    • Creation of as-built interactive documentation 
    • Modeling and precise location of services in buildings during construction 
  • GIS inventory of traffic signals in roads/freeways, airports and railways 

As built

Obtaining as-built plans, models and documents is of vital importance to maintain or exploit the structure or building over its lifetime. 

Alava International uses the latest technology and employs highly-trained, specialized, experienced technicians for a variety of related operations, such as:

    • Laser Scanning  
    • Conventional topography 
  • Software for 3D design modeling, topography, management and extraction of elements from point clouds 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Alava International uses only the latest GPR equipmentand has specialized technicians with extensive experience in related fields: 

    • Utility detection  
    • Concrete scanning 
    • Archeology 
  • 3D utility mapping 

Success Story:  SH-288

Texas Department of Transportation 
– Added-value topography services throughout the engineering and construction process.
– Years: 2016-2019. Houston, Texas, United States.


Success Story:  Brazoria County Expressway

Texas Department of Transportation a través de Pulice Construction Inc
– Survey services, construction starting and execution stage and earth works for the Brazoria County Expressway Project.
– Year: 2017. Brazoria County, Texas, United States.

Success Story:  Sam Houston Tollway Southeast Widening

HCTRA through Pulice Construction Inc.
– Value-added topography services throughout the engineering and construction process.
– Years: 2017-2018. Houston, Texas, United States.

Success Story:  North Tarrant Express 3A South and North

Texas Department of Transportation through Bridges & Roads LL
– Topography services, quality control, infraestructure management and Geographical Information Systems during all the engineering and construction proccess.
– Years: 2014-2017. Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

Success Story:  Managed Lanes IH-635

Texas Department of Transportation through Bridges & Roads LLC and Trinity Infrastructure
– Value-added topography services throughout the engineering and construction process.
– Years: 2014-2015. Dallas, Texas, United States.