Infraestructures and transport

Infrastructures are the backbone of a company’s development, so their planning and execution must be optimized. It is therefore necessary to exhaustively monitor both infrastructures and the surroundings they will affect at each phase: design, construction and exploitation.

Alava International’s experience and knowledge of construction services enables us to develop technological solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, adding reliability and safety to existing processes, optimizing infrastructure analysis and control using conventional systems as well as in real time.

Monitoring and Technical Office

Alava International provides services for supply, installation, reading, data management with a web interface, and for the diagnosis and analysis of all data from the devices or systems on the corresponding infrastructure.

Surveying Services and Technical Office

We carry out topographic surveys, of both civil and building works, during all the phases of the project, including the following taks…

Geographical Information Systems

Alava International works with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for civil engineering applications and in particular for large-scale civil projects.

Material testing laboratories

At Alava International, we help our clients set up construction laboratories, from the equipment definition to the supply of them, including training and commissioning.