Our wide-ranging portfolio of measurement, metrology and surveying solutions allows us to transfer our knowledge and experience from R&D to the industrial field.  Consequently, we craft innovative solutions to perform any type of test or to ensure compliance with standards and certifications in various industrial sectors, especially the automotive, power electronics and aerospace industries.  

Based on our experience and specialization, we are capable of defining solutions and equipment needed in a new laboratory, integrating different technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to client´s needs, and providing turnkey, complete laboratory projects.  Our capabilities cover the waterfront from technical advice to project management and implementation. 

Our main areas of specialization are metrology, environmental testing, EMC testing, complete test benches and antenna measurement laboratories.  

Success Story:  Nissan

– Quality control systems based on the use of acoustics and vibrations to detect component defects in the production line.
– Years: 2016-2017. Cantabria, Spain.


Success Story:  AENA

AENA, Spain Airports
– Value-added topography services throughout the engineering and construction process.
– Years: 2016-2019. Houston, Texas, United States.


Success Story:  ALFATEC

Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen through Alfatec-IDF
– Detection and monitoring of bodywork defects using artificial vision and an automated inspection tunnel.
– Years: 2016-2017. Vitoria and Pamplona, Spain.