Our mission is to apply a predictive strategy in industrial maintenance to improve plant reliability, enhance asset security and readiness, eliminate unexpected breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs through consultation, predictive diagnostic services, training, and technology supply 

New maintenance philosophies aim to optimize processes to achieve maximum readiness and reliability of productive assets at the lowest possible cost. Today, among all these philosophies, reliability centered maintenance (RCM) stands out the most, given that the optimal strategy for trackable machines is the use of condition-based maintenance (CBM or PdM). 

When this is not feasible, a planned or failure-based maintenance strategy should be usedeven though it may increases plant expenses and downtime and may reduce productivity.  

Maintenance plans are optimized based on risk management and an initial analysis of assets to identify their failure modes, effects and criticality (FMECA). With this analysis, the maintenance strategy will recommend tasks to lessen potential failure mode risks and increase plant reliability and readiness.