In industrial environments such as aerospace, automation, chemicals, processing and pharmaceuticals, some of our clients’ main concerns are cost optimization, product quality and increasing safety during production.

Alava International has led on a wide range of projects, developing tailored systems to each of their needs. To achieve this, we advise our clients to ensure we design and provide the best measurement and testing solutions, supervision services and predicted diagnostic services for industrial plant machinery.

Global sourcing for measurement and testing laboratories

Our wide-ranging portfolio of measurement, metrology and surveying solutions allows us to transfer our knowledge and experience from R&D sector to the industrial field.

Adapted predictive and reliability maintenance programs

Our mission is to apply a predictive strategy in industrial maintenance to improve plant reliability, enhance the security and asset readiness, eliminate breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs.

Condition monitoring

Machinery monitoring technologies, for both main and auxiliary machinery, has evolved significantly over the last few years, having been enhanced by advances in artificial intelligence and the internet.

Machine diagnostics

The main function of a predictive diagnostic system is to identify the short- and long-term operational risks to establish priorities in maintenance work.