Monitoring is based on controlling unstable parameters in a particular environment and in a finished or defined structure. 

To do this, we apply all-sector knowledge and experience to develop new methods for monitoring and control in other business environments. 


Wind energy. Foundation and verticality monitoringCorrosion and parameter monitoring in offshore parks. 

Thermosolar plants. Pollutant emission control. 

Oil & Gas

Parameter monitoring in offshore platforms. Movements, seabed excavation, corrosion, etc.


Open-pitSlope monitoring, landslides, decantation tanks, etc. 

Underground. Deformation monitoring, pressures variation, hydrology, etc. 

Success Story:  El Quimbo Dam

El Quimbo Dam
– Leak control in loose matter dams using sounding techniques.
– Year: 2016. Colombia.

Success Story:  Xacbal Dam

OHL Industrial
– Value-added topography services throughout the engineering and construction process.
– Years: 2016-2017. Guatemala.