Energy and Oil&Gas

In sectors as critical and demanding as Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining, it is necessary to have a supervision and monitoring plan not only for the extraction process, but also for the processing of extracted materials. These plans are essential for saving on costs, as well as optimizing the safety measures of facilities.

Alava International has led multiple projects relating to diagnostic services of critical assets, reliability engineering and construction services, applying the highest quality standards. We lead on a project that includes consultation through to in situ or remote monitoring of critical parameters.

Monitoring and Technical Office

Monitoring is based on controlling unstable parameters in both a particular environment and a finished or defined structure. 

Surveying and Technical Office

The use of the most advanced and suitable topographic systems for each project lets us be more versatile and perform faster than ever, producing an excellent final product at a competitive price.

Geo-referenced systems in real time

The implementation of our software improves information fluidity and control in projects and operations. Our tools are based on the monitoring of control devices in your project or operation.

Global sourcing for measurement and testing laboratories

Our wide-ranging portfolio of measurement, metrology, and surveying solutions for both research and R&D allows us to tailor innovative solutions to perform any type of test or ensure compliance.

Adapted predictive and reliability maintenance programs

Alava International has considerable experience in the design and implementation of predictive maintenance plans..

Condition monitoring

Alava International tailors solutions to operational requirements by using the most sophisticated technology in the market, as we are authorized by the main Condition Monitoring instrumentation and system manufacturers included in most approved vendor lists.

Machine diagnostics

We have a powerful software tools and a large team of engineers specialized in advanced machinery analysis who can identify problems and come up with solutions to any problems detected.